Is It Parody or Is It Infringement?

There’s a fine line in intellectual property law when it comes to parodies. Parody is an often used stylistic choice in media and commerce to take advantage of a known name, image, or likeness to sell a product that has a similar or mirrored likeness with a humorous lean. Weird Al Yankovich made a living off of it in the music industry while movies like Scary Movie and Austin Powers famously poked fun at horror films Read More

Drawing a Line Between Trade Secrets and Patents

Ensuring the confidentiality and protection of intellectual property within a company and defining trade secrets is a fundamental element of long-term success and profitability. As you and your colleagues work toward these goals, understanding the power of the work you’ve already put in and how that work impacts the business over time is crucial. One of the biggest challenges for companies is understanding what is Read More

From Creation to Commercialization: The Lifecycle of IP Assets

Intellectual Property (IP) is a key ingredient in the success and growth of businesses. It represents creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and images used in commerce. IP assets are not just legal entities but are crucial business assets that can significantly impact a company's market value and competitive edge. The journey from the initial idea to a Read More

Where AI & Copyrights Converge

Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements have impacted virtual assistants on our smartphones, self-driving cars, and how content is created. One area where AI has significantly influenced is the field of copyright law. Knowing how your IP gets used by AI requires understanding copyright laws. As AI progresses, it has become a tool for content creators and distributors. Its capacity to analyze datasets and generate Read More

Trademark Strategies For E-commerce Brands

When discussing businesses that focus on online retail, establishing and maintaining a distinct brand identity is crucial. Like any business, imitation and counterfeit products are a genuine threat to their brands and reputation. For this reason, these businesses need to defend both by protecting their intellectual property. This extends beyond just maintaining customer trust and developing a following for your Read More

Licensing, Lawsuits, & Using Copyrighted Material On Social Media

Businesses must take the proper steps to protect their intellectual property (IP). This intangible property includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and it is often at the core of a company’s competitive advantage. Licensing this IP is a strategic decision. It allows companies to grant rights to use their property in exchange for a fee. It is an avenue for revenue generation, market expansion, and Read More

Navigating Copyright Claims Board

June 2022 marked a pivotal moment in the copyright landscape with the inauguration of the Copyright Claims Board (CCB). It is an entity that provides a streamlined and cost-effective path for managing specific copyright disputes. The CCB is an alternative avenue for copyright holders and those opposing infringement claims to seek resolution on disputes entailing claims up to $30,000. This should not be mistaken as an Read More

How Your Company Can Capitalize on Business Method Inventions

Protecting your business and its intellectual property can be crucial to your success. Your intellectual property can distinguish you from competitors. What if the thing that sets you apart is a key process that you use in running your business, such as a process for offering services or a manufacturing process related to products you sell?  How do you protect that process? These processes may be patentable, and we Read More

What We Can Learn from the “Taco Tuesday” Trademark Dispute

“Taco Tuesday” is truly a time-honored tradition. Many restaurants celebrate with discounted taco offers each Tuesday and families often make their own at home to celebrate. For some businesses, though, the tradition is more than just a fun phrase accompanied by discounted food – and this is exactly why this tradition recently turned into a major intellectual property dispute. Let’s get to the meat of this taco Read More

High-Profile Legal Cases Highlight Differences Between Inspiration and IP Theft

Art is a subjective field that allows creatives to open up a whole new world of possibilities. Their work inspires others to try their hand at new, unique creations. Over time, however, we see less and less “new” art. Everything is inspired by something because as time goes on there are fewer creations that haven’t been done already. This puts artists in a peculiar position when using source material to create new Read More