Rick McDermott – Founder of McDermott IP Law

Before he launched McDermott IP Law, Rick McDermott spent more than 20 years practicing Intellectual Property law at Alston & Bird LLP and its predecessor firm, Bell, Seltzer, Park & Gibson. Rick has built a career out of assisting his clients in identifying, protecting, enforcing, defending, and monetizing their Intellectual Property rights. His broad and deep understanding of patent, trademark, and copyright laws has contributed to his success and that of his clients as well.

Rick obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University. Wanting to build on that technical foundation and pursue a career in Intellectual Property law, Rick went on to law school and graduated from Marquette University Law School cum laude.

Rick decided to pursue his passion for helping his clients manage and retain their Intellectual Property by bringing his experiences and knowledge to his own firm. Rick’s vision revolved around how he could take his litigation experience and use it to successfully partner with his clients. Rick has successfully led trial teams during commercial litigation in front of the U.S. District Courts, the International Trade Commission, and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

His past clients include everyone from the initial start-up company to multi-national corporations. Regardless of the size, the demands and expectations of his clients were paramount. Their issues included patents, contracts, copyrights, trade secrets, and complex corporate legal proceedings.

Rick’s ability to invest in his clients’ success was built on his ability to offer critical advice and risk assessments in regards to the entire lifespan of their Intellectual Property. This consisted of product development, merger and acquisition due diligence, product licensing and protecting through patent laws, trademarks, and copyrights, or if it was about enforcing and monetizing an idea, and even defending it from theft or misuse This extended across several industries and technologies. 

Today, Rick is centered on his unique ability to bring the large-firm experience to a smaller, more adaptable environment. The value of his legal counsel is measured by the level of success his clients achieve. Get in touch if you would like to speak to Rick about your work worth protecting!