Intellectual Property Law

Everything You Need, When You Need It

At McDermott IP Law, we know how complex Intellectual Property can be. That’s why we are here to help identify what assets you have and how we can protect them. Click on our practice areas below to learn more, and contact us to start talking about your specific needs.

  • Patents – Innovations should be treasured and protected. Patents help keep your hard work safe.
  • Trademarks – Trademarks are essential to making you stand out from the crowd – now and in the future.
  • Copyrights – Copyrights mean that all of your creative work stays YOUR creative work.
  • Trade Secrets – Are you doing everything you can to make sure you trade secrets stay safe?
  • Licensing – Ready to start expanding? Start right here.
  • IP Litigation – If someone else is infringing on your Intellectual Property, we will fight to protect it.