All I Want for Christmas is Intellectual Property Protection

Happy Holidays! We’re officially into December which means the holiday decorations are infecting the neighborhood with cheer (who are we kidding, a lot of you got the decorations out on November 1st). This time of year can certainly inspire plenty of joy and comradery, but a lot of what we do during the holiday season is still dictated by intellectual property protections, new and old.

Holidays themselves, like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and others, aren’t held behind intellectual property protections – but many elements of the season certainly are. We dove into the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s public patent search to find some of the many unique IP protections out there right now.

Bladed Christmas Tree

You might already have the traditional tree up. Whether you opt for the real thing or a plastic tree that’s reusable over the years is totally up to you, but what about another option?

Introducing the tree “with blades rotated by wind power.” This patent (16/387473) gives us an all-new outdoor decorative tree that could blow away the neighbors.

Hip Santa Hoodie

Santa’s classic red and white suit can’t be matched. It’s plastered on every poster in every store and worn by all the “Santas” posted up in the middle of the local mall for greetings. But, maybe it’s time for him to update his attire for a more modern look.

Just last year, an inventor in Chicago filed for an official patented design for a hooded sweatshirt for Santa with pockets, a zipper, and all. You can find this one under D/820810 in the patent search.

A Menorah… And a Dreidel

Patent D/234690 gives us a unique mix of two traditional Jewish holiday items. Of course, a dreidel is a spinning ornamental toy, and a menorah is a religious item featuring nine lit candles. It might sound dangerous to you but we introduce to you this bold and maybe risky design.

Ultimately, exercises like this give us two important perspectives on intellectual property:

  1. The possibilities for intellectual property protection are nearly endless if you have the right information
  2. The USPTO patent search system is extensive and detailed which allows you to make sure you’re not wasting your time or money trying to get protection for something that’s already been done

At McDermott IP Law, we work closely with our clients to make sure their intellectual property strategy is thorough and effective for their biggest goals. Contact us today and protect your innovation.

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